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Divya Khossla shares excitement for her next Prerna Arora’s Telugu film Hero Heeroine

Actress Divya Khossla and producer Prerna Arora are brimming with enthusiasm as they gear up for their upcoming Telugu film “Hero Heeroine.” The film, set to begin shooting in Hyderabad, promises to showcase Khossla in a glamorous new avatar and marks an exciting chapter in her career.

Divya, who recently received immense acclaim for her film, Savi expressed her gratitude and excitement. “I am genuinely thrilled and deeply grateful for the incredible response to my film Savi. This journey has been truly remarkable, and the love and respect I’ve received, especially from my female fans, have been overwhelming. Savi, is a powerful film, and portraying such a strong character has been an honor,” she said.

As she continues promoting Savi, Khossla is also diving into preparations for Hero Heeroine. “I’m extremely excited about this project. It’s a fantastic film where I will be seen in a glamorous avatar, with extensive preparations underway in Hyderabad. We have an amazing team, and Prerna Arora has been an incredible support, pushing this project forward.”

Khossla is making significant efforts to prepare for her role, including learning Telugu and immersing herself in South Indian culture. “I have already started my Telugu classes to learn the language and am working on my dialect. I’m also reading and watching a lot of South Indian movies to immerse myself in the culture, as it is integral to the film. This collaboration is wonderful, and I am excited about the South Indian look and the vibrant movie world we’re creating in Hero Heeroine. It’s truly a dream project that I am eagerly looking forward to.”

Producer Prerna Arora, known for her keen eye for promising projects, expressed her excitement about working with Divya. “Hero Heeroine is a project close to my heart, and I believe we have assembled a stellar cast that will bring this story to life beautifully. Divya’s enthusiasm and dedication are truly inspiring, and I’m looking forward to what we will create together in Hyderabad.”

The film will be shot at Hyderabad’s renowned Ramoji Film City, known for its state-of-the-art facilities and picturesque locations. This setting is expected to provide the perfect backdrop for the vibrant movie world envisioned by Prerna and her team.

As Divya Khossla and Prerna Arora embark on this exciting journey, fans eagerly await the magic that Hero Heeroine is set to bring to the silver screen. This collaboration promises to deliver a captivating cinematic experience, filled with memorable performances and engaging narratives.

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