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President Biden lights up the White House Christmas event with Mariah Carey and her twins

<p>With the arrival of Christmas Queen Mariah Carey and her endearing twins, Monroe and Moroccan, the White House’s halls have become even more dazzling. At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the 54-year-old singer had a wonderful excursion with her 12-year-old twins. A snapshot of her and her children with President Joe Biden in the Oval Office was the first thing she posted on social media. For those who don’t know, the singer-songwriter and her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka called it quits on their seven-year romance.</p>
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<p><strong>Mariah Carey makes a Christmas visit to the White House.</strong><br />
The All I Want for Christmas singer posted on Instagram, saying, “It was a joy to see President Biden and Vice President Harris at the White House last week to celebrate the start of the holiday season! We spread some happiness and saw all the seasonal décor while we were there.</p>
<p>Photographs showed Mariah Carey posing with President Biden, looking gorgeous in a pink-trimmed two-piece, and posing with her twins while appreciating the White House Christmas décor. Vice President Kamala Harris took part in the celebrations with her spouse, Douglas Emhoff, and managed to snap a photo with the Queen of Christmas.</p>
<p>Mariah Carey’s fans were taken aback by Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson’s unexpected presence on December 9. At the performance, they performed their 2020 song Oh Santa together. “I ended up going to New York because Miss Mariah Carey, always comes up with big, great ideas, and she came up with the idea that her Christmas angels, which is Ariana Grande and myself, be a surprise for her Madison Square Garden performance,” Jennifer Hudson said on her talk program.</p>
<p><strong>Bryan Tanaka and Mariah Carey split up.</strong><br />
Page Six said on December 21 that the Grammy winner and her longtime boyfriend Bryan Tanaka had broken up. According to the insider tip, he desires a family. She is not at that place. Bryan Tanaka is childless, while Mariah Carey and her ex-husband have two children together: Monroe and Moroccan. After Mariah was seen vacationing in Aspen without her partner—unusual considering their seven-year history of regularly going on vacation together—the rumors of their split began to circulate.</p>

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