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Suneil Shetty’s Heartfelt Message To Team Dunki and Shah Rukh Khan’s Sweet Reaction To “Anna”

<p>Shah Rukh Khan is getting ready to wrap off 2023 with Dunki after a fantastic start to the year with Pathaan and Jawan. Fans of Shah Rukh Khan are not the only ones talking about the movie. A number of celebrities are expressing their anticipation for the arrival of Dunki. Veteran actor Suniel Shetty expressed his excitement by posting a beautiful comment along with the movie poster on X, the earlier name of Twitter.</p>
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<p>“Shaahhh (SRK)…” he wrote.Sir, Raju (Rajkumar Hirani)…I think it’s a First Day First Show, for sure. Looking forward to seeing the magic of #Dunki emerge on the big screen. Break a leg to the whole crew and cast! Let the theaters resound with applause and enthusiasm. Soon after, SRK wrote, “Thank u, Anna,” in response to Suniel Shetty’s letter. As is often the case with Raju Sir’s films, I love you and I hope the drama that plays out in the theater makes you both laugh and weep. A hearty embrace.</p>
<p>Dunki has received a vigorous promotion from Shah Rukh Khan. On Tuesday, King Khan posted a video on X (the previous Twitter platform) showing him in front of an animated chalkboard that said “TOW DAYS TO GO.” SRK may be seen playfully correcting the spelling of “two” with his finger. The video then features a quick montage of trailer sequences before showcasing the movie poster at the end.<br />
Shah Rukh Khan said, ” ‘Tow’ ya ‘two’ ka ho gaya hai confusion, Par aap Dunki dekhne ki bilkul na lo tension.” in the caption. [The distinction between “Tow” and “Two” has become unclear; nonetheless, watch Dunki without becoming anxious.] All you have to do is purchase your tickets. as there are only two days left until Dunki! #Dunki has two days left. Get your tickets today—advance reservations are now available!</p>
<p>According to an article by Sacnilk, Dunki sold 3,62,027 tickets for Day 1 throughout India and made ₹ 10.3 crore in revenue via advance reservations. Dunki, which has a duration of two hours and forty-one minutes, has been certified as “U/A” by the Central Board of Film Certification.</p>
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