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The central government launched the ‘MAHIR’ mission, Country will benefit from Emerging Technologies in the Power Sector

The government has launched the ‘Mission for Advanced and High Impact Research’ (MAHIR) to leverage emerging technologies in the power sector and position the country as a manufacturing hub. The ‘Mission for Advanced and High Impact Research’ (MAHIR) aims to facilitate indigenous research, development and demonstration of the latest and emerging technologies in the power sector, the power ministry said in a statement issued on Wednesday.

What is MAHIR Mission

According to the statement, by identifying emerging technologies and taking them to the level of implementation, the MAHIR mission seeks to use them as the main fuel for future economic growth and thus make India a manufacturing hub of the world. The Ministry of Power and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy have jointly launched a national mission. An office memorandum of this mission has been issued.

Technologies will be developed in the country

The mission will be funded from the financial resources of the Ministry of Power, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and Central Public Sector Enterprises under two ministries. Any additional funds required will be raised from the budgetary resources of the Government of India. In addition, it will seek to partner with the world’s best laboratories for joint development of technologies.

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