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From Guneet Monga to Reema Kagti, female filmmakers are shattering stereotypes

The movie business has traditionally been controlled by men, but in recent years, female producers and filmmakers have broken through boundaries and made a name for themselves by telling distinctive tales that connect with audiences all around the globe. Here are five excellent female producers and directors whose work you must see.
Indereet Monga
Indian producer Guneet Monga is well-known for her contributions to the country's independent film industry. The Lunchbox, Masaan, and What Will People Say are just a few of the highly praised movies that her production company, Sikhya Entertainment, has worked on. Her film “Period. End of Sentence,” which focused on menstruation hygiene in rural India, received an Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject. The work of Monga demonstrates her commitment to social concerns as well as her talent for producing insightful writing that spurs action. Additionally, The Elephant Whisperers, a recent documentary of hers, received the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film in 2023.
Shrivastava, Aditi
Co-founder and CEO of the renowned digital entertainment firm Pocket Aces, which creates original content, Aditi Shrivastava. Under her inspiring leadership and vision, Dice Media, a Pocket Aces subsidiary, has produced hit series including “Little Things,” “Adulting S1,” “What The Folks,” “Operation MBBS,” and “Bravehearts,” which highlight realistic tales of young people navigating life in contemporary India. She is a fantastic showrunner for these exceptional shows, and her tales reflect the complexities of interpersonal relationships and the issues facing the millennial age.
Iyer Ashwiny Tiwari
An Indian director named Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari is well-known for her moving and inspirational tales. In her movie “Nil Battey Sannata,” a single mother who works as a maid to provide her daughter an education is shown. The film won praise from critics for its truthful depiction of the difficulties experienced by low-income households in India. “Panga,” a sports drama from Tiwari, examines issues of parenthood, identity, and tenacity. Her writing demonstrates her talent for telling audiences-touching tales.
R. Kagti
Indian director Reema Kagti is renowned for her outlandish and audacious approach to storytelling. Her film “Talaash,” which explores themes of sorrow, remorse, and atonement, follows the tale of a police officer looking into the death of a movie star. The film has become a cult classic because of its complex structure and compelling story. The “Made in Heaven” television series by Kagti takes a humorous look at the Indian wedding market and the related societal problems. Her writing demonstrates her talent for telling gripping tales that are both amusing and thought-provoking.
Reen, Jasmeet K.
The Indian director Jasmeet K. Reen's short film “Darlings” had its world debut at the Sundance Film Festival in 2021. The movie is about a young girl who wants to be a Bollywood dancer but has opposition from her traditional family. The movie “Darlings” offers a potent critique of the gender and cultural stereotypes that are pervasive in Indian culture. The significance of utilizing cinema as a medium to start social problem debates is highlighted by Reen's work.
Overall, these female filmmakers are establishing themselves in the profession by telling distinctive tales. Their creations serve as examples of the influence that narrative may have on society. They have shown the necessity for more varied voices in the film business in order to provide a new viewpoint and effect change.

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