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Update on cryptocurrency prices: Ethereum down 2.69%, Bitcoin down 2.10%

On Monday morning, the total market value of cryptocurrencies declined by 1.92 percent to $1.18 trillion during the previous 24 hours, but the trading volume rose by 50.53 percent to $36.82 billion. The most popular cryptocurrency on Monday was Arbitrum ARB, which fell by 0.83 percent to $1.34 from the previous day. Trading volume during a 24-hour period was $405.55 million.

SingularityNET AGIX was the biggest loser, falling 5.36 percent to $0.3189, while MultiversX EGLD was the top gainer, rising 4.66 percent to $43.33. $31.59 million was traded in a 24-hour period. DeFi decreased 6.84 percent to $2.53 billion, according to
Prices of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin: At $28,586,94, the price of one bitcoin fell by 2.10 percent. $17.06 billion was traded during a 24-hour period. According to market cap, it is currently ranked first on Coinmarketcap. Market dominance for Bitcoin was 46.82, down 0.17 percent from the day before.

Ethereum: At $1,846.73, the price of Ethereum fell by 2.69 percent. Trading volume during a 24-hour period was $7.94 billion.

Tether: In the last day, Tether lost 0.04 percent, dropping to $1. Tether had a $25.24 billion trading volume in a single day. On Coinmarketcap, it is in third place.

Different Altcoins

The price of Solana (SOL) dropped by 4.41% to $22.12 in the previous day.

Avalanche was trading at $16.95, down 2.11 percent, on a $133.77 million 24-hour trading volume.

Cardano (ADA) decreased by 2.32%. With $266.46 million in 24-hour trading volume, it is ranked seventh.

Meme Dollars

Dogecoin (DOGE), which had a 24-hour price of $0.07875, dropped by 2.87 percent.

Shiba Inu dropped to $0.00001006 by 1.70 percent.

Financial Decentralisation

DeFi was trading at the same price as yesterday, $0.04604.

Yearn.Finance's 24-hour market cap was $266,421,191, down 1.59 percent to $8,082.93 in the previous day.

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